The Do's and Don'ts Poster

The Do's and Don'ts Poster


The Do's and Don'ts poster is an excellent quick reference tool for character training in your home or classroom!

This large, full color poster lists 8 forms of good behavior and 10 forms of poor behavior. Each listing gives a simple definition of what the behavior is, a short description of what the child should do vs. what they shouldn't do, and a scriptural reference. 

Forms of good behavior covered: Cheerfulness, Diligence, Helpfulness, Initiative, Kindness, Obedience, Respectfulness, and Tidiness.

Forms of poor behavior covered: Bad Manners, Pouting, Untidiness, Bossing, Foolishness, Backtalking, Laziness, Disobedience, Mean Behavior, and Lying.

Dimensions: 17" x 22"

Full color, printed on high quality gloss paper. Poster is shipped flat.

All scripture references are from the KJV.

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