The Disobedience Chart (magnetic)

The Disobedience Chart (magnetic)


Consistently monitor and correct poor behavior

Are you a parent that feels like all you do in response to poor behavior in your child is yell and issue idle threats? Or how about the days where you pass over disobedience like it didn't even happen because you just can't think of the right consequence? We designed the Disobedience Chart for parents like this (that is, we designed it for ourselves!).

The Disobedience Chart is a magnetic and dry-erase chart designed to help you be more consistent in the way you correct misbehavior. It also provides you with a visual snapshot of areas in your child's behavior that may need attention. It covers the following 10 areas:

  • Bad Manners
  • Pouting
  • Untidiness
  • Bossing
  • Foolishness
  • Back Talking
  • Laziness
  • Disobedience
  • Mean Behavior
  • Lying

There are even empty spaces for you to list 2 specific areas of misbehavior you'd like to focus on. A series of 12 boxes follows each of these categories.

Here's how the chart works. Whenever your child misbehaves or exhibits poor character in one of these categories, they get a check. If the check is placed in an empty space (or a space with no number in it), there is no consequence. We call these "Grace Spaces". However, if the check is placed in a numbered space, they do receive a consequence (we recommend simple consequences that are not too elaborate or overly harsh to help ensure that you'll follow through with them).

These consequence should be pre-determined by you and clearly listed on their Consequence Chart (sold separately). There is a yellow, orange and red section on both the Disobedience Chart and the Consequence Chart and each section within a row has a particular consequence assigned. The idea is that the consequence should become more strict if your child persists in their misbehavior and continues to receive checks on their chart. Again, these consequences are to be predetermined by you and written on their Consequence Chart.

Used together, the Disobedience Chart and Consequence Chart can help take the guesswork out of correction by allowing you to be more thoughtful and deliberate in dealing with disobedience in your child.

PLEASE NOTE: The Consequence Chart sold separately.


  • Recommended for children ages 5–13
  • Magnetic
  • Dry-erase
  • Chart size: 11"x8.5"
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