Rewards Kit

Rewards Kit


The Rewards Kit makes rewarding your child for good behavior fun and, well, rewarding! It comes with 30 real metal Character Coins, a dry-erase Rewards Chart, and a paper Character Coin Bank.

In Character Badges, children earn Character Coins for good behavior. These special coins can be saved in the Character Coin Bank and turned in for any of the rewards listed on the Rewards Chart. There are 14 pre-listed rewards such as a bike-ride, a trip to your child's favorite store, or a meal out. There are even slots for you to fill in unique rewards to further motivate your child!

What's Included

One dry-erase Rewards Chart

One set of 30 Character Coins 

One paper Character Coin Bank

For ages 5-12

WARNING: Due to potential choking hazard, Character Coins are not to be used by children under 3.

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