Character Coins

Character Coins


Character Coins are a creative way to reward your child for good behavior. They're made of real metal so they look and feel extra special which makes earning them even more fun for your child!

Character Coins are awarded whenever your child achieves a #1, #2, or #3 badge. As your child collects Character Coins they can turn them in for any of the rewards listed on their Rewards Chart. Not only does this encourage them to exhibit good behavior, it also teaches them the importance of planning and saving towards a goal!

(The Obedience Chart and Rewards Chart sold separately.)


9 - green 5¢ Character Coins

9 - blue 10¢ Character Coins

9 - purple 25¢ Character Coins

Coins are made of real metal and are anodized for color.

For children ages 5-12

PLEASE NOTE: Due to potential choking hazard, Character Coins are not to be used by children 3 and under.

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