Character Badges Stickers - Set of 12

Character Badges Stickers - Set of 12

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Save over 15% vs. purchasing individual sticker sheets! Character Badges Stickers are a great way to reward your children and encourage them to build good habits. Included in this set are all 12 stickers in the Character Badges system. Each sheet contains 12 stickers to be awarded to your child when they consistently exhibit good behavior on their Obedience Chart (sold separately). Once awarded they can proudly display their badge on their clothing or just about anywhere!

This set contains 12 sticker sheets containing one of each of the following badges - the Cheerfulness Badge, the Diligence Badge, the Helpfulness Badge, the Initiative Badge, the Kindness Badge, the Obedience Badge, the Respectfulness Badge, the Tidiness badge, the Mystery Badge, the #1 Badge, the #2 Badge, and the #3 Badge.


Number of stickers per sheet: 12

Total number of stickers in set: 144

Sticker Sheet Dimensions: 8.5" x 11"

Individual Sticker Dimensions: 2" (round)

"How long will they last?" - Depending on behavior, the #1, 2, 3 badge sticker sheets may last between 4 months to over a year for one child. All other badges in this set will last for at least one year for one child.

All stickers are intended for indoor use.

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