Character Badges Starter Set

Character Badges Starter Set

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The Character Badges Starter Set is an excellent way to introduce Character Badges into your home.

This set includes a trio of colorful charts (the Obedience Chart, Disobedience Chart, and Consequence Chart) to help you with the important work of monitoring, rewarding, or correcting your child's behavior.

Also included are 3 sheets (per child) of Character Badges stickers. 12 unique sticker designs provide you with a fun and effective way to encourage your child as they make their way through their Obedience Chart.

Finally, the 18 pg. manual is chock full of colorful diagrams, detailed descriptions, and helpful tips to help you get the most out of the Character Badges system.


1 (per child) - dry-erase Obedience Chart

1 (per child) - dry-erase Disobedience Chart

1 - dry-erase Consequence Chart

3 (per child) - Character Badge sticker sheets (3 sheets = 36 - 2" stickers)

1 - dry-erase marker with eraser and magnetic cap.

Full color 18 pg. instruction manual

Recommended for ages 5-12

PLEASE NOTE: Due to potential choking hazard, the dry-erase marker is not to be used by children 3 and under.


Please select the number of children that will be using the system from the drop-down menu below. An additional Obedience Chart, Disobedience Chart, and 3 sticker sheets will be added per child. For information on classroom quantities, please contact us.

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