Character Badges Complete Set

Character Badges Complete Set

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The Character Badges Complete Set contains everything you need to help make child training engaging, effective, and fun. This set consists of:

  • A trio of colorful charts (the Obedience Chart, Disobedience Chart, and Consequence Chart) to help you with the important work of monitoring, rewarding, and correcting your child's behavior.
  • Character Badges stickers! 12 unique sticker badge designs provide you with a fun and effective way to encourage your child to build good habits.
  • The Rewards Kit which enables you to creatively reward your child for their good efforts while teaching them the value of saving towards a goal.
  • A large, 17" x 22" Do's and Don'ts poster which displays a list of every character row along with definitions, examples of the various character attributes in action, and scriptural references.   
  • A 18 pg. manual full of colorful diagrams, detailed descriptions, and helpful tips to help you get the most out of the Character Badges system.


1 (per child) - dry-erase Obedience Chart

1 (per child) - dry-erase Disobedience Chart

1 -  dry-erase Consequence Chart

3 (per child) - Character Badge sticker sheets (3 sheets = 36 - 2" stickers)

1 -  dry-erase Rewards Chart

1 -  set of 27 Character Coins (2 sets [54 coins] when purchased for 4 or more children)

1 (per child) - paper Character Coin Bank

1 -  17" x 22" Do's and Don'ts Poster

1 -  dry-erase marker with eraser and magnetic cap

Full color 18 pg. instruction manual

For children ages 5-12

WARNING: Due to potential choking hazard, the dry-erase marker and Character Coins are not to be used by children 3 and under.


Please select the number of children that will be using the system from the drop-down menu below. Additional children will receive an additional Obedience Chart, Disobedience Chart, Character Coin Bank and 3 Character Badge sticker sheets. Sets for 4 or more children will receive an additional set of Character Coins. For information on classroom quantities, please contact us.

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