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At first glance, rewards in Character Badges might look like just another way to encourage good behavior in your child; but there's more at work here than meets the eye. The real metal Character Coins make filling in your child's Obedience Chart great fun (and a worthy challenge) but they also teach them the importance of planning, working and saving towards a goal. That's a great character lesson in and of itself.

The Rewards Kit

Included in the Character Badges Complete Set or sold separately, the Rewards Kit consists of 27 Character Coins, the Rewards Chart, and an adorable paper coin bank. It integrates seamlessly with your child's Obedience Chart and makes teaching and acquiring habits of good character fun and exciting!

Character Coins

The Rewards Chart

Character Coin Bank

Reward the Whole Family

The Rewards Chart is chock full of treats and special activities that not only encourage your child to be on their best behavior, but are also a great way for your family to spend some quality time together. Examples of listed rewards are "family movie night," "trip to your favorite store", "bike ride", and even "slumber party with Mom and Dad." The Rewards Chart even includes slots for you to fill in custom rewards that will act as a further incentive for your child to build good habits.



There's more to these charts than just charting.

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12 badges. Lots of encouragement.

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