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On this page we've tried to collect answers to the most commonly asked questions about Character Badges. If you still don't see what you're looking for, feel free to contact us, anytime. We're happy to help!

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General Questions

Q: What age range is Character Badges intended for?

A: The recommended age for Character Badges is 5–12, though some parents have successfully used the system for children younger or older than this. Please note: Any Character Badges set that includes Character Coins, including the Rewards Kit, is not for use by children 3 years or younger due to the potential choking hazard presented by the coins.

Q: Is there a version of Character Badges for children younger than 5?

A: Yes! It's called Little Character Badges and it has been specially designed for the needs of children ages 3–5.

Q: I have the old PDF version of Character Badges. What changes have been made to the new version and how is it better?

A: Good question! A lot of improvements have been made to the newest version of Character Badges. Here are the most significant ones:

All New Design
We've given everything in the Character Badges system a new coat of paint. The charts are cleaner and brighter and each of the badges have been completely re-designed to make them more detailed and meaningful. Also, a clean, modern typeface has been applied to the entire system.

Simplified Charts
Compared to the previous version, the Obedience Chart has been reduced from 12 to 9 character rows, and the Disobedience Chart has been reduced from 12 to 10 rows. These rows have either been eliminated all together or rolled into all new character rows. This makes tracking your child's behavior even easier than before. 

All New Rewards System!
This was one of the biggest requests we received from families who use Character Badges - "Help us manage rewards!" Previously, rewards were given every time a child achieved a badge. With the rewards system, instead of an instant reward, your child receives a Character Coin when they achieve a #3, #2, or #1 badge. These special coins can be saved and applied towards rewards that are listed on the Rewards Chart. We've even included a cute paper coin bank to store your Character Coins in.

New and Improved Badges
Every badge has been completely redesigned. They're more colorful and they show a greater attention to detail. What's more, the badges are now stickers (as opposed to pin-on badges) that your child can stick on their clothing or display in a prominent place. They're really fun! 

And more...
There's an expanded, full color manual with helpful diagrams; the charts are dry erase; there's an all new Do's and Don'ts poster; and there's even an included dry erase marker with an eraser in the cap and a magnet to stick it to the refrigerator. Whew!



Q: How do my children earn badges in the Character Badges system?

A: Please see our badges page for information on how badges are awarded.

Q: What's the meaning behind the imagery on each badge?

A: Each character badge contains imagery that is derived either from scripture or an example from nature. Here are the scripture references for each badge: Cheerfulness Badge - Proverbs 15:13; Diligence Badge - Proverbs 6:6-8; Helpfulness Badge - Luke 15:8,10; Initiative Badge - Ruth 2:2,3; Kindness Badge - Genesis 24:13,14; Obedience Badge - Genesis 7:1, 8:10,11; Respectfulness Badge - I Samuel 26:11,23; Tidiness Badge - John 15:3; Mystery Badge - I Timothy 3:16; #1, 2, 3 Badges - Ephesians 6:1-3. More information about each badge can be found here.

Q: How many stickers come in a set?

A: In both the starter and complete set there are 12 sheets of 2" round stickers. Each sheet contains 12 stickers for a total of 144 stickers.

Q: How long does a sheet of Character Badges stickers last?

A: Depending on behavior (and parenting style), the #1, 2, 3 badge sticker sheets will last between 4 months to over a year for one child. All other badges will last for at least one year for one child.


Character Badges Sets

Q: How many children is the Character Badges Starter Se, and the Character Badges Complete Set designed for?

A: Each set contains enough materials for one child, but can expand to accommodate as many children as you want. Additional children can be selected in the drop down menu towards the bottom of each set's individual product page.

Q: What do I get when I select additional children for any of the Character Badges sets?

A: For the Character Badges Starter Set, each additional child you select you will receive an additional Obedience Chart and Disobedience Chart. For the Character Badges Complete Set, you will receive an additional Obedience Chart, Disobedience Chart, and Character Coin Bank.

Q: I ordered my Character Badges set for multiple children. Why don't I receive multiple Consequence Charts?

A: Every parent is different in their training preferences. Some may want to use the same Consequence Chart for multiple children, while others may want one for each child. Since the Consequence Chart is able to be used for multiple children, we only package one with each Character Badges set. However, additional Consequence Charts may be purchased separately if desired.

Q: Why don't I receive additional Consequence Charts, Character Badge sticker sets, or Character Coins when I select additional children for my Character Badges set?

A: (Regarding the Consequence Chart, please see above.) Character Badge sticker sets are able to be used for multiple children. Depending on behavior, the #1, 2, 3 badge sticker sheets may last between 4 months to over a year for one child. All other badges will last for at least one year for one child. While additional children will ensure that sticker sheets won't last as long, more Character Badges sticker sets may be purchased if desired. 

As for Character Coins, one set of 27 coins are included in the Character Badges Complete Set for up to 3 children. If you purchase a set for 4, 5, or 6 children, you will receive an additional set of Character Coins (or a total of 54 coins). Additional Character Coin sets may be purchased separately if desired.


Character Coins

Q: How are Character Coins awarded?

A: Your child is awarded a Character Coin any time they achieve a #1, #2, or #3 badge. When they earn a #3 Badge they receive a 5¢ Character Coin. A #2 Badges earns them a 10¢ Character Coin, and a #1 Badges earns them a 25¢ Character Coin. Character Coins can be saved and turned in for any of the rewards listed on the Rewards Chart. More information about rewards can be found here.

Q: How many children are able to use a set of Character Coins?

A: One set of 27 coins are included per complete set for up to 3 children. For 4 children and above, an additional set of Character Coins is included (for a total of 54 coins). Depending on parenting style you may use more or less than this. Additional Character Coin sets may be purchased separately if desired.

Q: I'd like to offer some purchased items on my child's Rewards Chart but I'm not sure what to set the price at in Character Coins. About how much are Character Coins worth in real money?

A: Oh, they're priceless! (Ok, just kidding.) As a general rule (and remember, you're free to adjust this to your liking) a 25¢ Character Coin is worth about $3.00. So, if you wrote in a toy on your child's Rewards Chart that cost you $20.00 (in real money), you would set the price of the toy at around 150¢ in Character Coins (or $1.50 if you'd like your child to do the math.) That would be the equivalent of about 7 #1 badges, so they would have definitely earned it!


The Consequence Chart

Q: Do you have any helpful ideas for consequences that I can put on our Consequence Chart?

A: Yes we do! Check out this post for creative consequence ideas for children.

Q: Can the Consequence Chart be used for multiple children?

A: Absolutely. Using one Consequence Chart for multiple children can help to simplify how you use it to help correct your children. However, you may wish to tailor certain consequences for certain children, particularly if there is a broad age gap between them. If so, you may want to use multiple Consequence Charts.

Q: Can I still use the Character Badges system and not use the Consequence Chart?

A: Yes! The Consequence Chart is designed to simply help parents monitor and manage the way in which they train and correct their children. If you choose not to use it, the obedience and rewards side of the system is not affected in any way.


The Disobedience Chart

Q: What are the empty boxes on the Disobedience Chart for?

A: The empty boxes that you see on the Disobedience Chart are what we call "grace" boxes. Any box that has a number in it means that there is a consequence associated with that particular act of poor behavior when it is checked off. However, when a grace box is checked off, there is no consequence, only a warning of sorts as the child sees they're nearing numbered boxes. 

Q: Why do some forms of disobedience carry more consequences than others on the Disobedience Chart?

A. Starting at the top of the Disobedience Chart, we've ordered the categories of poor behavior from bad to worse. For example, we know that bad manners should be discouraged, but not as much as mean behavior. Accordingly, you'll find a number of "grace" boxes in the 'bad manners row', but only one in the 'mean behavior row'. This informs your child that certain forms of poor behavior are more serious than others and, as such, carry stricter consequences.


The Do's and Don'ts Poster

Q: What's the purpose of the Do's and Don'ts Poster?

A: The Do's and Don'ts Poster is a helpful resource for use in the home or classroom as you go through the Character Badges system. It contains a list of every category of good and poor behavior found on the Obedience and Disobedience charts as well as simple definitions, examples of the various forms of behavior in action, and scriptural references for you and your child to be able to refer to throughout the day.


The Obedience Chart

Q: What is the 'Mystery Row'?

A: The Mystery Row is the last character row on the Obedience Chart. We've provided this row for you to be able to customize your Obedience Chart to the particular needs of your child. There are any number of things you could write in the Mystery Row . For instance, you could place a certain task or chore that your child struggles with (ex. cleaning their room or folding laundry). You could write-in 'Good Student' and monitor their performance with their schoolwork. Or you could write-in another character attribute such as 'Honesty' or 'Perseverance'. It's really up to you!

Q: Do you have to fill in the 'Mystery Row' on the Obedience Chart?

A: No. However, if you do not fill in the Mystery Row, you will not be able to award the full amount of #1, 2, or 3 badges for the month. Each of these badges require 3 of their respective boxes to be checked off before they can be awarded. Since there are a total of 9 character rows on the Obedience Chart, leaving off the 'Mystery Row' means you would only be able to award a maximum of two #1 badges, two #2 badges, and two #3 badges. More information on badges can be found here.

Q: Do I have to give my child a check every time they do something good?

A: Absolutely not. We've designed the Obedience Chart with just enough boxes to make it challenging for your child but not so many that the process becomes overly difficult and discouraging. Be selective and discerning as to when you award checks to your child, but don't be too rigid. Remember, the whole point of the system is to, little by little, turn individual acts of obedience into daily habits of good character.

Q: Help! My children are overwhelming me with requests for checks! Half of the things they said they did to earn them I didn't even see. What do I do?

A: This is common and actually a good problem to have. :) However, we understand it's a little overwhelming. We recommend that you set down two rules. RULE 1: Anytime a child asks for a check they are guaranteed not to receive one, even if they did something good. RULE 2: You either have to personally have witnessed the act that deserves a check or have been told by someone who either witnessed or was the recipient of a good deed to be able to award a check. This places you in your proper place of being the final decision maker when it comes to awarding checks.


The Rewards Chart

Q: What are the amounts listed to the right of each reward on the Rewards Chart?

A: Directly to the right of each reward on the Rewards Chart there is a line with a suggested amount as to what the reward should cost your child in Character Coins. These are just suggested amounts - you're free to write over them and either increase or decrease the amount to your liking.

Q: What are the empty slots on the left hand column of the Rewards Chart?

A: These empty slots are provided for you to fill in custom rewards for your child if you so choose. You may write-in special rewards that you know your child would enjoy, or leave them completely blank. You may also choose to change them up from time to time. It's completely up to you.

Q: Does the Character Badges System still work without the Rewards Chart?

A: Yes. In fact, the entire rewards portion of Character Badges is completely optional. It's simply provided as an additional help to parents who wish to offer special rewards in response to their child's good behavior. However, if parents would prefer to simply reward their child with badges, that's perfectly fine.


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