Visualize, monitor and reward your child's behavior. 

Charts in Character Badges go so much further than having your child check off boxes. Fun but challenging achievements encourage them to be on their best behavior, while the fully customizable consequences ensure that both you and your child know what to expect when they behave poorly. 

There are 4 charts in the Character Badges system:



The Obedience Chart

The Obedience Chart allows you to monitor your child’s good behavior in 9 different character categories. Each category and the colored boxes that follow them form a character row. When your child checks off a series of these boxes they are awarded fun sticker badges and even Character Coins which they can save and turn in for special rewards.

  • Bright, clean design makes charting easy and fun!

  • Chart 9 different character categories such as Cheerfulness, Helpfulness, and Kindness.

  • Visualize your child's good behavior over the course of a month.

  • Reward your child when they fill in their character rows!

The Disobedience Chart

The Disobedience Chart functions similarly to the Obedience Chart, in that boxes are checked off as your child exhibits a certain behavior. Only in this case, it’s poor behavior. With a quick look, both you and your child are able see where they stand and how far or near they are to a consequence. These consequences have been predetermined by you and are listed on the Consequence Chart.

  • Color coded for easy reference.
  • Chart up to 12 different areas of poor behavior such as pouting, bossing, back talking, and laziness.
  • "Grace" boxes act as a warning but do not result in a consequence.
  • Numbered boxes result in a predetermined consequence listed on the Consequence Chart.


The Consequence Chart

The Consequence Chart allows you to set consequences that you feel are equal to your child’s misbehavior. The lines are all clearly laid out for both you and your child to see. Crossing those lines brings a predetermined consequence. Receiving consistent consequences that speak specifically to what your child did wrong is better than handing out the same consequence in frustration over and over again.

  • Works hand in hand with the Disobedience Chart.
  • Takes the guesswork out of correction.
  • Set consequences that speak to the "why" of poor behavior.
  • Fully customizable.

The Rewards Chart

The Rewards Chart lists the various rewards that are available to your child as they make their way through their Obedience Chart and earn Character Coins. This is a great way to show your child how much you appreciate their good efforts while teaching them the value of saving towards a goal!

  • 14 pre-listed rewards like "Movie Night" or "A trip to your favorite store."
  • Suggested amounts in Character Coins are provided, or you can set your own amounts.
  • 6 spaces allow you to write-in custom rewards if desired.

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