A great way to say, "Thank you."

You might not think that a little sticker could speak, but when a child is awarded a Character Badge, it says a lot. Acknowledging your child's good behavior with a Character Badge not only says, "Great work," it also says, "Keep it up!" What's more, the imagery on many of the badges reference examples from scripture and nature allowing your child to gain a deeper understanding of 8 different character qualities.

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How badges are awarded.

Earning badges is simple, fun, and challenging. There are two different ways to earn them. First, whenever your child fills in a character row on their Obedience Chart and checks off the circle at the end of the row they receive the badge representing that particular character attribute. These are the Character Badges such as the Kindness Badge or the Cheerfulness Badge.

The second way to earn a badge is by checking off 3 boxes of any one number on the Obedience Chart. This earns your child an extra special badge and shows they've excelled in multiple areas of good character! There's the #3 Badge (Very Good Behavior), the #2 Badge (Outstanding Behavior), and the #1 Badge (Exceptional Behavior). Also, numbered badges bring with them Character Coins which your child can save and apply towards rewards on their Rewards Chart.

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A lesson in every sticker.

There's more to each badge than just bright colors and pretty pictures. Every Character Badge carries with it a very important lesson that's derived from the pages of scripture or an example from nature. Included in the Character Badges manual are detailed descriptions of each badge as well as accompanying scripture references. This provides you with some excellent teaching opportunities as you seek to impress upon your child the importance of good character.

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A creative and fun way to say, "Thank you."

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