How it All Began

Sean and Caroline Allen had some fairytale expectations of what raising a family would be like. 10 happy years of marriage had given them 5 beautiful children. They loved them so much it hurt.

But oh, the work. The constant, unrelenting, unending amount of work they required! They had little idea that these dear ones would require so much of them; and they always required it, even during times when near exhaustion ensured there was so little to give.

Of course some days were better than others, but Sean and Caroline felt like they were failing in a critical area when it came to child training - consistency. They both felt it was high time they "mean what we say and say what we mean," both in correcting and rewarding their children.


Caroline thought some sort of chart system would help but didn't see anything available that she liked. Sean is a graphic designer so he sat down and tried to come up with something; something that would help to keep their children accountable to the standards they had set in their home, but also something that would help he and Caroline with their consistency. What he came up with was Character Badges.

Once they introduced the system in their home, the results were better than they expected. Sean and Caroline couldn't come up with enough for their children to do to earn checks on their charts! They also found that the children soon gained a healthy respect for the Disobedience Chart and kept a close eye on where they stood from day to day. Taking the guesswork out of rewarding / correcting their children was a great improvement over correcting on the fly or just passing over their behavior altogether. 

Sean and Caroline use Character Badges in their home every day. Through continued use and feedback from other families, they've continued refining and simplifying the system, and today they're delighted that hundreds of families use the system to help make the important work of character training more rewarding for both parents and children. 

Character Badges is committed to helping parents be more consistent, creative, and deliberate as they train up their children in the way they should go.
— Proverbs 22:6

About the Creators


Sean and Caroline Allen live in Missouri with their 6 beautiful children. They run a number of home based businesses and compliment each other well in their areas of expertise. Caroline runs and writes for a popular blog ( and has a knack for social media endeavors. Sean is an illustrator and graphic designer who owns and operates Bloomington Design. Together they also manage an online clothing store for women and girls ( Between their business ventures and raising their little ones, they have no free time. None. Ok - that's a bit of a stretch. Their lives are busy, but they wouldn't have it any other way.