This year, give your children the gift of good habits!

Character Badges can help your children build the habits of good character. It's a gift for you and them!

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Because Good Character Counts.


Raising children is one of the most challenging jobs you'll ever have. It's also one of the most important. That's why we created Character Badges. We wanted something that would not only encourage children, but would also help parents to consistently teach them the importance of good character, day in and day out.


The Way it Works.


Character Badges consists of 3 simple, but remarkably flexible parts. Every parent is different, so we designed a system that's adaptable to your parenting style and the needs of your children. Read below to learn more.



Charts in Character Badges enable you to set fun but challenging goals for your children to work towards as they exhibit good behavior. They also help both you and your child to know how to respond and what to expect when they behave poorly.  


Badges are a fun and memorable way to reward your child as they grow in habits of good character. Each badge carries with it a valuable character lesson from the pages of scripture or from nature providing you with an excellent opportunity to give your child a deeper understanding of 8 character traits. 




Consistently rewarding good behavior is just as important as curbing poor behavior, so we built a rewards system that will not only challenge and inspire your children but also teach them the importance of saving and working towards a goal.

"Oh my goodness! This system has my boys excited and ready and willing to help! They are learning to exemplify character already! Thank you! I feel like my home is being revolutionized!"

Amy G., Ohio

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Choose the Character Badges set that best fits your family.

Specially designed with the needs of younger children in mind.

A great way to begin charting and rewarding your child's behavior.

Go beyond charting with fun sticker badges and a helpful 18 pg. manual.

All the tools you need for flexible, fun, and effective child training.


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