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Raising children is hard work. Character Badges can help you make it more fun and effective than ever before.

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Choose a Character Badges Set that fits your family.


Specially designed with the needs of younger children in mind.

A great way to begin charting and rewarding your child's behavior.

Go beyond charting with fun sticker badges and a helpful 18 pg. manual.

All the tools you need for flexible, fun, and effective child training.


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"Thanks for a well-thought out program that's super easy to implement in an already super busy household."

— a happy mom

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Time to
Dream BIG.

What if you could be more consistent in your child training? What if you could show how much you appreciate your child's good behavior in a memorable and meaningful way? What if you could just get your children to have better table manners?! Character Badges was created to help you dream big dreams and then get to work on turning them into a reality. From the colorful charts to the delightful badges, everything has been designed to draw out more consistency and creativity in the way you train your children; and with more of these things in your home maybe the better question to ask is, "What couldn't you do?"


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Learn more about each part of the Character Badges program and how it can help you take control of your child training.

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Character Badges makes child training fun and engaging. Get started by finding the set that fits your family.  


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